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Quantum 45 is a two-part epoxy primer system that provides exceptional filling, excellent adhesion, and superior corrosion protection for wood and fiberglass/gelcoat surfaces.

It consists of a single base component (Quantum 45 epoxy surfacing primer base) that comes in two colors off-white and gray. Off-white is used as base coat for light and pastel colored topcoats, while the gray epoxy base is used for the darker colors. Depending on the surface you will be prepping there are 2 activators: Quantum 45 primer activator, and Quantum HB high build activator (both sold separately). The correct activator depends on the condition of the boat you are priming.

For unblemished surfaces, mix the primer base with Quantum 45 Epoxy Primer Activator. If your boat has gouges and other surface defects, mix the same primer base with Quantum HB High Build Epoxy Activator and apply up to 20 wet mils every 1 to 3 hours. These are both sandable primers which ensures with proper prepping and technique you will achieve a great finish every time.

Quantum 45 is easy to mix and apply by spray, foam roller, or brush. Available in quart and gallon sizes in clear, gray, and off-white colors.

Click here for information:     Q-45-White SDS    Q-45-Gray SDS         Q-45 TDS

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QUANTUM 45 Epoxy Primer Base

QUANTUM 45 Epoxy Primer Base

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