Quantum paint is the solution for every wholesaler in our industry. Below you will find why Quantum is the choice that you have been looking for. On this page you will find why Quantum is the choice you need, benefits of using our products, and testimonials from our customers.

Why Wholesalers Love Quantum Paint

  • The easy application of our products makes this ideal for your customers. Result- this is an attractive product for your clients.
  • Our automated tint machine reduces your inventory requirements.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • On-site training and demo days.
  • Various resources that provide step-by-step instructions and videos for individuals that purchase Quantum paint. Again- making this an attractive product for consumers.

Twice as Durable

Exceeding the standards from aerospace paint technology, our proprietary blend of acrylic and polyester polyurethane protects against UV, chemicals and stains.

Twice the Solids

Quantum Paint typically has twice the solids of competitive products.

Double the Coverage!

Each gallon of Quantum Paint goes twice as far as the competition.

Half the VOC's

Quantum Paint contains half the VOCs of the competition.

Easy To Apply

Mix ratios 1:1 for spray, or 2:1 for roll.

Easy To Repair

Ability to polish after application to remove dust, bugs and imperfections.

Benefits of Quantum Paint Products

  • Highly durable. Quantum paint exceeds the standards from aerospace paint technology. Our proprietary blend of acrylic and polyester polyurethane protects against UV, chemicals, and stains.
  • Long lasting and can withstand the harshest environmental conditions.
  • Easy to apply for any application.
  • Half of the VOC’s of our competitors. Quantum paint surpasses the EPA standards.
  • Twice the solids of our competitors at equivalent application viscosities.
  • Double the coverage. Each gallon of Quantum paint goes twice as far as our competitors.
One of the many reasons we like using and recommending the Team at Quantum is they are someone who understands our challenges and are always available to answer questions or expedite paint if needed in short notice. The applications have been easy and our paint team likes working with the product. Customer service and product performance have exceeded my expectations. Eli Dana, General Manager & Dock Master Safe Harbor Newport Shipyard
Quantum products are exceptionally user friendly, and easy to repair. The top coatings excel at maintaining a high gloss for years after application. We really appreciate the personal touch and high level of customer service Jon and his staff provide. They are easy to get in touch with for questions and are quick to respond. On top of all that, we are thrilled to use a locally based company and to benefit from high availability of products and onsite customer service. Best, Luke Valleza, Owner Carolina Custom Restoration LLC
As the Owner Operator of the Carolina Girl, a 150 passenger special events yacht here in Charleston S.C. our clients are mostly destination bound events that are tailored for people that tend to be well traveled and well educated. The appearance of our yacht is of grave importance to our business because you only get to make a first impression one time! When it came time to paint the Carolina Girl, after having used all the other difficult products to use through the years,I decided to try this new product that came to my attention having been used on other smaller yachts I viewed. The results were awesome! Several areas of the upper deck we applied by rolling with little or no tipping involved and the rest of the Yacht was sprayed with 2 coats and looks like a beautiful pearl! I welcome you to view the Carolina Girl if you are in Charleston and see for yourself. Capt. Bob Murray